Day 4: Four Tech Gadgets to Give and to Get

As the old saying goes, "When the tech is tight, the day goes right." Right? No. Well for me, if my tech is efficient and working, my day is imminently better. Word.

These four pieces are guaranteed to make all your tech run more smoothly.

First, having this hidden compartment in the back of your phone for your license and your credit card means you can skate through the day without a purse if you need it whilst keeping those ID pieces and cards cached. Some phone cases have card slots - but then your life is hanging out for everyone to see. This has become a life essential for me. And, this gadget by far garners the most comments by the most people wherever I go. People love and it is super inexpensive!

And, if you or a loved one hasn't hopped squarely into 2017 by now and purchased some AirPods, this is the number 1, hands-down, best gift fr Christmas. By now, the rest of us all know they are life-changing. Hate the cord. Love the Bluetooth. Which brings me to the next two items.

Just when you got all used to the comfort and freedom of your AirPods, you hop on a plane and you are back in 1997 having to use the crappy little earphones with the pull-apart wire to watch a movie (assuming you aren't paying extra for streaming and it's available). But, I am always a sucker for a plane movie - I get to see things I never had time to catch. Here's the answer. This baby plugs in the earphone jack on the seat arm and uses Bluetooth to allow you and a buddy to use your Airpods to watch the movie! Fabulous!!!

And, just when we got the feels from ditching your cord to your earphones, you remembered that your phone is permanently tethered to the charging cord and this is particularly troublesome when you are out in the wild playing or working for an entire day and you have to bust the cord back out and find a plug or use the long cord to the charge pack and stuff it and your charge pack in your pocket. This super chic charger is a wireless charger and charge pack - both are wireless (yay!) - and they are super fast charging. Which means you don't have to have a cord, like, ever for your phone!!! Whether home or away!! Yay!! Thank you Carry for making tech chic and efficient!!

OMG, sorry so wordy today!



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