Twelve Days of Christmas, Y'all

Yo! It's seriously been an entire year since I posted regularly. Work has been cray and you know how that goes. And, then I got an urge to do a wish list. And, then I couldn't stop. And, then I realized I had too much content for one wishlist. I had, like, twelve.

And, you know what that means at this time of year????

It's the Twelve Days of Christmas, B**ches!!!!!

Or, how about this: Eight Days of Hanukkah (+4 Extra Days), B**ches!!??!

For the next twelve days, I'm rolling a little nugget of a gift guide tailored to a specific type of gift OR a particular type of gift recipient.

First up, Day 1: Holiday Candles. Because we all know that when you strike the match and inhale that fir/orange and cinnamon/red currant aroma, it all of the sudden starts to feel like the Holidays. And, guess what? Even though you are probably trying to pretend like maybe it's further away than it actually is, the Holidays are at hand. And, for sure you need this on site, in hand, before you start putting up that tree, girl.

Plus, it's good fung shui to set intentions by lighting a red candle. Word. Even if the intention is just "Serenity NOW" while I put up this tree!!

These are my from personal collection - I have each of these (some remnants left from years past). And, like children, I cannot choose a favorite. They are all legit. I just choose one to be THE one each year and roll that scent through Jan 1, when it then goes back in the candle drawer.

So, light it up, girl.



1 Cire Trudon Nazareth | 2 Christian Tortu foret candle | 3 Cire Trudon Fir | 4 Votivo Aromatic candle

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