Day 2: Home for the Holidays

Who among us has not one grand-millennial on our gift list this year? Or how about a mother-in-law, a sibling, a grandparent, etc., who've asked you (or your spouse) for "ideas" for you for Christmas or even a straight-up list to choose from? I think this is getting pretty common. And, then you want to give them something that is not too expensive but that they will enjoy giving you because it says "you" and you will love having it but, conveniently, it fits in their I want to spend "X" box?

Got. You. Covered.  And, I'm assuming you signed up for this journal because "Home" is goals, am I right?

So, the top square is a tabletop I pulled together that works beautifully together. The bowl (there is also a platter) is gorgeous and affordable, yet reads like a spendy handmade piece. The tablecloth is perfection and so are the napkins and I can't even handle the placemats because they are so perfect. Each is a stand alone instrument that totally ups your table game. Together, it's a symphony.

The bottom square are chic little adds that do the same game upping. The ice bucket would slay on the patio in the summer, natch, and be a chic AF planter year round. I have 1 million (and counting) Amanda Lindroth baskets that I put the tiny little 4" green plants (that cost, like $6.99 at the nursery) around my house year round (no guilt when they die because I forgot to water on Saturday). I also have one on my desk I use as a catchall of pens and scissors and rulers, etc. Annnnnnnnnd, they make a great silverware server when you are rolling buffet style. It's okay to get a couple and they come in a beautiful natural color, too. I am dying over the scalloped-edge, floral napkins and check the website out because there are many beautiful prints in this style. Finally, these wicker frames are flames. About to pull the trigger on a major frame switch-out around here because I am feeling wicker much more than silver these days.



1 Blue and White Serving Bowl with Rattan Handles | 2 Zojara Blue and White Napkin Bundle | 3 Cream Fiesta Placemat | 4 Aerin Seville Tablecloth

5 Aerin Figural Leaf Champagne Bucket | 6 Amanda Lindroth Blonde Banded Rattan Orchid Basket | 7 Zojara Scalloped Edge Napkin | 8 Wicker Scalloped Gallery Frame

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