Day 5: Gift Guide For Girls

Besides cool t-shirts and Nike track shorts, here are 8 sure bets to make you favorite VSCO girl lose it on Christmas Day. And, even if she has one of any of these, she will be delighted (with the exception of maybe the Sperry boots) to receive an extra - I've been hearing about how we MUST get another Hydro Flask for months.

If your VSCO girl already has her shell necklace, scrunchy, and Hydro Flask game rolling, the stickers are a perfect add/stocking stuffer. And, don't get me started about this Unicorn Hair. We tested here for the Jonas Brothers concert and I am her to tell you it is legit; my daughter's hair was straight up hot pink. The good news is that it is just hair spray and it washes out completely the next day. A great thing to have in the bathroom cupboard.

Just trust me on the headbands. She's going to die.

And, they all love a unicorn onezie for sleepovers and chilly Saturdays.

Also, check out this Galaxy Backpack, this Confetti Cosmetic Bag, this Confetti Tumbler, and this mini Edie Parker-ish Unicorn Box Bag.



1 | Sperry saltwater rain boot 2 | Hydro flask water bottle 3 | Unicorn onesie 4 | Headbands

5 | Unicorn hair rainbow and star mist duo  6 | Natural cowrie shell necklace choker 7 | Scrunchy hair bands 8 | Vinyl stickers pack

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