Gift Guide for Girls

What's pink and fluffy with sequins all over? Answer: Your favorite unicorn lover on Christmas Day. These gifts are guaranteed to carry the day for the 5-11 set.

1. Unicorn Snow Tube. Because, of course.

2.Skateboard. Because it's cool again. Yep.

3. Unicorn Bomber Jacket. I can't even handle this, it's so amazingly awesome.

4. Unicorn Slippers. I mean, for real.

5. Polaroid Snap Touch. Because they actually do love real photos that you can hold in your hand. Updated packaging. Same great product. Highest and best use? Spend-the-night parties and camp.

6. Unicorn Baking Set. For your Kid Baking Champion.

7. Roller Rink Roller Skates. A smoother glide for learning to skate backwards and shooting the duck. Turns out they are back in because they are cooler. Who knew?

8. Stuffed Rainbow Unicorn Head. No room is complete without one, right?

9. Unicorn Sequin Backpack. Sparkle? Check. Horn? Check? Ears? Check. Ready for action.

10. Smart Watch. When they are not old enough for a phone, but you want to be able to get in touch with them anywhere and you want to know where they are.

11. Unicorn Onezie. Oh yeah!

12. DenisDaily Big Little Denis Box. You can just thank me for this later. P.S. It's a Roblox thing.

13. Butterfly Slides. Because, well, because they are very practical in addition to being fabulous.

14. Mini Bluetooth Speaker. For your dance party. In your onezie. And your slippers. With your Polaroid camera. Shake it like a polaroid picture!

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