Holiday Gift Guide

Whether to give or to get, when you want it to be good . . .

1. Cotton jersey night gown (also comes in a shorty if that's your jam) and 2. matching robe to kick it up a notch and make gorgeous just how you roll. Comfort and beauty. Yaassss!

3. The Investment Piece. Why not buy a coat to last a lifetime? Classic lines. Timesless fabric.

4. Luxe lip balm. The best. And, the best stocking stuffer, like, ever.

5. Signet ring. Understated. Chic. Preppy.

6. Leather Agenda. In the most gorgeous shade of blue.

7. Gold earrings. At the tippy-top of my list. And, the very last of Phoebe Philo.

8. Apple Watch HermΓ©s with Double Tour Band. Practical and chic. It doesn't get much better.

9. Diorshow Mascara. Simply the best. Why not make the stocking totally lit this year?

10. Showercap. Wrap it up, girl. #savetheblowout

11. Cashmere slippers. Because it's time to ditch the bacteria traps you've been slogging around in for the past five years.

12. Rose scented perfume. Seductive yet timeless. And, the Holidays are the best time to re-stock the perfume tray.

13. Coffee mugs. How about classing the joint up a little? Crazy for this delicate shade of blue.

14. Silver double picture frame. A fabulously elegant presentation for the school pics.

15. Cashmere Joggers. Because you deserve to put these on at the end of a long day. And because they are so slenderizing.

16. Everyday bowls. From cappuccino to yogurt, these practical little bowls make your everyday life a little more beautiful.

17. Chanel quilted double flap. Vintage. Classic. Perfection. Wear it forever. It will never go out of style.

18. Notecards. Biscuit Home's first private collection. A jaw-droppingly gorgeous way to say thank you.

19. Face Masks. Stock the stocking with a mask for every sitch.

20. Scented Candle. This is best smelling candle in the whole world. Word.

21. Dinner or cocktail napkins. Up your entertaining game in an understated but fabulously chic way.

22. The hero mule. About to be the hardest working shoe in your closet. With jeans and a tweed blazer by day; glam by night.

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