Day 6: The Fabulous Coat Wish List

Is your clicking finger getting itchy? Today's the big day. Cyber Monday? Who waits until Monday? Not me.

Coats are such an important part of a wardrobe - they really set the tone - and yet they are often just out of reach of my budget. Today is legit THE best day of the year to buy a great coat. Or, to nudge your loved one to snake one for you at a bargain and then give it to you for Christmas. Seriously, stock is still high this morning and the bargains are never better.

Each of these eight coats is exactly where fashion is right now - wrapped, tailored, and big and furry. Literally, a tailored, camel wool coat will be with you for 25 years. I bought one a couple of years ago and I could not live without it. Same with my navy wool wrap/tie front coat. I invested in this J.Crew Tiger faux fur coat this year and I can't wait to bust it out. With the sales going on at J.Crew today, I'd be surprised if they weren't giving this one away.

Good luck today!!



1 | Carice belted double-breasted wool coat 2 | Houston belted wool coat 3 | Double breasted topcoat in wool cashmere 4 | Maria Cocoon oversized faux shearling coat

5 | Double-breasted virgin wool-blend coat 6 |  Collection double-faced cashmere coat 7 |  Tiger faux-fur coat 8 | Faux fur wrap coat

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